Relieving unnecessary emotional pain through mindful exploration.  


Much of the stress, anxiety and depression that is experienced day to day arises from automatic patterns within our nervous systems.

 These patterns are adaptations to past events in which we felt unsafe, overwhelmed or painfully unfulfilled in some basic way.  These adaptations were laid down to allow us to cope and survive within those past circumstances and relationships. When they linger (as they tend to do) into later life, they can then be very limiting to our present lives creating and compounding unnecessary emotional pain and distress.  Fortunately it is possible to retrain the nervous system through careful self-study and present-time exploration, and to build new adaptations that are more accurate to the life you are living and want to live now.  

Hakomi is a method of assisted self study which can achieve this.   A Hakomi therapist can assist you to examine your present experience and discover how the workings of those problematic adaptations are living within you in the present. Once these are brought into clearer awareness, they can be tested against present reality, adjusted and revised to be less limiting, more flexible, thus relieving unnecessary suffering.