Hello,  I’m Diarmid.  I’m a Hakomi Therapist.

But you might also call me…

  • a self discovery assistant

  • a mindfulness investigator

  • or a nourishing experience provider

    I help people who long for more ease and enjoyment in their lives but find themselves limited by habitual behaviours, reactions and emotions.  With the Hakomi Method I help people to make discoveries about themselves that can free them from these painful limits, allowing for more calm, ease, satisfaction and effectiveness in daily life.

    By supporting you to mindfully investigate your utterly unique present experience, I can help you reveal to yourself directly the patterns that organise and limit your experience. Once these are brought to awareness you can consciously choose new responses and have new, more nourishing experiences.


I love the creativity and experimentation of this work , a dance of leading and being lead and the beauty that unfolds as self understanding deepens and we open to more and more nourishing possibilities.  

I know from my own experience that accessing deep and sometimes painful parts of ourselves can be scary and requires a sensitive, compassionate companion to ease the way.  I’d like to help you find the safety to trust that all that arises within you is a source of learning and growth, potentially leading you to a deeper connection to yourself & the people in your life and to a richer sense of choice and possibility in the world.

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